Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preparing for the 20x Event on Saturday

I went to SDM and got 4 x Raincheques for the Scott 6 roll paper towel.  it's out of stock at many SDM.  according to them, they will be getting stock on Friday.  (i think the 10x product bonus OP is expiring soon but according to the sales woman, i should be able to get those points too because of the raincheque). 

I was driving by the SDM and just popped in.   I don't recommend wasting your time going there just for this purpose. 
I printed off 4 more coupons from

these 4 raincheques @ $4.99 each will help with bringing the subtotal over $50.

the $19.96 pre-coupon price will give me 190 base OP.  plus 1440 product bonus OP.  ( i hate the way they calculate product bonus.  if a product is $4.99, they assess a base of 40 points and give bonus of 9 x that amount (360 bonus OP).  so, your 4 x $4.99 will only get you  4 x 360 bonus OP = 1440.)

with my subtotal being over $50, i will also get 20x base OP.  that means i will also get 3610 bonus OP.
the 20x event bonus OP is based on the total base OP earned and not on the product base OP earned.

so, that means my purchase of $4.99 x 4 = $19.96 minus $8 coupons plus $2.40 HST = $14.36.
i will get 190 base OP, 1440 product bonus OP, 3610 bonus OP = 5240 total OP earned.  this is equivalent to $11.03 value (95,000 OP for $200 redemption)

that makes my total cost $3.33 for about $24 of paper towels.

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