Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get yourself a Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card!!!

This morning, I registered online for an Optimum card at and printed off a page to take to SDM to get my new card. 

I dropped by a SDM and picked up my card.  It takes a day or two to associate the information you used to register with the pre-printed Optimum card that is given to you at the store.

To check if it's activated, go to and see if you can log in with the information you entered when registering.

I am still waiting.  After it is registered, i will sign up to the Shoppers Mastercard.  No annual fee.  Free 15,000 points to start  you off.

After it's done, you make your purchases only on 20x Points days or bonus Optimum days such as "Purchase $75 and receive 18,500 bonus Optimum Points".

When making regular purchases, you will receive 10 OP (Optimum Points) for every $1.00 you spend.

When you redeem on a regular day, it's maximum value is $170 for 95,000 OP.  this is equivilant to spending 558 OP for ever $1 redeemed.

When you redeem on the bonus days, it's $200 for 95,000 OP.  This is equivilant to spending 475 OP for every $1 redeemed.

When you redeem on the super bonus days, it's $200 for 80,000 OP.  This is equivilant to spending 400 OP for every $1 redeemed.  This is the day you want to spend your points.

I will update you with every $ i spend and every OP that I receive.  I will let you know which coupons I used and where and how to get those coupons.

I will let you know what I plan on redeeming the points for.

June 08, 2011. 
Current $ spent:     $0.00
Current OP:            0

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