Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just got back from SDM. Wednesday secret 20x OP event. Here is the complete breakdown of my purchase.

I will list all the items i've purchased along with the unit cost and the coupons.

1 x Dairyland Cream (for Coffee)                            $1.99             no coupons
3 x Dairyland 4 Litres Homogenized Milk                $4.69 x 3       no coupons
4 x Scott Towels 6 Roll Pack                                  $4.99 x 4
4 x Coupons for Scott towels                                 -$2.00 x 4
2 x Pampers Diapers                                               $10.99 x 2
2 x Coupons for Pampers Diapers                          -$4.50 x 2
(sign up for VIB at Shoppers website and print off 3000 Bonus OP on first Pampers purchase)
(2 x 1000 Product Bonus OP as per the SDM Flyer)
5 x Cottonelle Fresh Wipes Refills                            $2.99 x 5
5 x Coupons for Cottonelle Fresh Wipes                 -$1.00 x 5
(Bonus 500 OP for each Cottonelle purchased - Total 2500 OP)

Total Price before coupons:    $72.95
Coupons Redeemed:              -$22.00
Subtotal:                                 $50.95
HST:                                      $5.29
Total Paid:                              $56.24

I used $36.63 remaining from the $50 Shoppers Gift card i received for purchasing the PS3 from previously.  (let's just treat it as cash).
Paid $19.61 cash.

Regular Base Points received:      720
Product Bonus Points:                 4500
Coupon Points Awarded:            3000

Total OP earned today:               8220
Bonus OP (will appear June 29)  13680

Pampers mailed-to-your-home coupons are from
Cottonelle printable coupons are from
Scott printable coupons are from

June 22, 2011
Current $ spent:      $74.28
Current OP:            9890 + 13680 = 23570

Value of OP:  @ (95,000 OP for $200) :                  $49.62
Value of OP:  @ (80,000 OP for $200) :                  $58.93

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I didn't get a chance to go on Saturday for the 20x points event.

There is a secret 20x OP event this wednesday.   Print off the coupon from:

The cashier must scan this for you to get your bonus OP.

You will receive your bonus OP just before June 29th.  Check it online early next week.

One thing i'm looking at is Cottonelle Wipes.   Price is $2.99. 
get printable $1 coupon from Limit is 1 printable from each computer.

Price:  $2.99 - $1 = $1.99 plus $.36 Tax.  total paid:  $2.35.

However, there is a bonus 500 OP for the purchase of this product.

and you will also receive 30 base OP points and 570 bonus OP Points.

The total 1100 OP is equivalent to $2.75 on the super bonus OP redemption days.  (80,000 for $200).

i will be heading to SDM to make a purchase tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preparing for the 20x Event on Saturday

I went to SDM and got 4 x Raincheques for the Scott 6 roll paper towel.  it's out of stock at many SDM.  according to them, they will be getting stock on Friday.  (i think the 10x product bonus OP is expiring soon but according to the sales woman, i should be able to get those points too because of the raincheque). 

I was driving by the SDM and just popped in.   I don't recommend wasting your time going there just for this purpose. 
I printed off 4 more coupons from

these 4 raincheques @ $4.99 each will help with bringing the subtotal over $50.

the $19.96 pre-coupon price will give me 190 base OP.  plus 1440 product bonus OP.  ( i hate the way they calculate product bonus.  if a product is $4.99, they assess a base of 40 points and give bonus of 9 x that amount (360 bonus OP).  so, your 4 x $4.99 will only get you  4 x 360 bonus OP = 1440.)

with my subtotal being over $50, i will also get 20x base OP.  that means i will also get 3610 bonus OP.
the 20x event bonus OP is based on the total base OP earned and not on the product base OP earned.

so, that means my purchase of $4.99 x 4 = $19.96 minus $8 coupons plus $2.40 HST = $14.36.
i will get 190 base OP, 1440 product bonus OP, 3610 bonus OP = 5240 total OP earned.  this is equivalent to $11.03 value (95,000 OP for $200 redemption)

that makes my total cost $3.33 for about $24 of paper towels.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bought 4 packages of paper towels.

Today there is 10x bonus OP for this product.

4 x $4.77 minus $8 in coupons.

Subtotal $11.08 plus $2.29 hst.
Total paid $13.37

Earned 190 base OP
Also got 1440 bonus points

Total earned 1630

June 12, 2011
Current $ spent:      $18.04
Current OP:            1670

Value of OP:  @ (95,000 OP for $200) :                  $3.51
Value of OP:  @ (80,000 OP for $200) :                  $4.18

Newsflash!!!!     next saturday is a 20x the points event.  i think you have to spend $50 before taxes.  The points are awarded automatically.  so make sure your subtotal is at least $50 before coupons and taxes.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Went to pick up some milk last night.

Wife needed some milk so off i go to SDM to make my first purchase.

spent $4.67 for 4 litres of homo milk.  got 40 points.

Plans for tomorrow:  print off $2.00 coupons from and use them at SDM.  The 6 roll extra large (6 = 9 rolls) are on sale for $4.77 on Sunday and Monday only.  You can print off 2 coupons per computer.   you need to install the coupon printer software from the website before you can print off the coupons and this is what limits your coupons.  if you have more than 1 computer, you can print off more coupons.  This does not get you many points but who doesn't need paper towels???  i'm buying 4 packages with 4 coupons.  expecting to pay $12.40 for 4 packs.   $4.77 - $2 coupon = $2.77 plus hst each.  will get 190 OP.

June 11, 2011
Current $ spent:      $4.67
Current OP:            40

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wait for the next bonus day.

The optimum card is active, however, it is still not associated with my information so i am not able to check it online.  I am able to check i by calling 1-800-SHOPPERS.  (1-800-746-7737).  Press 1 for english and then press 3 for Optimum Points Balance.

I am waiting for the next bonus day.  Get your OP card ready cuz it's going for a ride!!!

Update:   i called Shoppers and they manually linked my original registration to the new OP card #. i'm able to see my account online now.

June 09, 2011. 
Current $ spent:     $0.00
Current OP:            0

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get yourself a Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card!!!

This morning, I registered online for an Optimum card at and printed off a page to take to SDM to get my new card. 

I dropped by a SDM and picked up my card.  It takes a day or two to associate the information you used to register with the pre-printed Optimum card that is given to you at the store.

To check if it's activated, go to and see if you can log in with the information you entered when registering.

I am still waiting.  After it is registered, i will sign up to the Shoppers Mastercard.  No annual fee.  Free 15,000 points to start  you off.

After it's done, you make your purchases only on 20x Points days or bonus Optimum days such as "Purchase $75 and receive 18,500 bonus Optimum Points".

When making regular purchases, you will receive 10 OP (Optimum Points) for every $1.00 you spend.

When you redeem on a regular day, it's maximum value is $170 for 95,000 OP.  this is equivilant to spending 558 OP for ever $1 redeemed.

When you redeem on the bonus days, it's $200 for 95,000 OP.  This is equivilant to spending 475 OP for every $1 redeemed.

When you redeem on the super bonus days, it's $200 for 80,000 OP.  This is equivilant to spending 400 OP for every $1 redeemed.  This is the day you want to spend your points.

I will update you with every $ i spend and every OP that I receive.  I will let you know which coupons I used and where and how to get those coupons.

I will let you know what I plan on redeeming the points for.

June 08, 2011. 
Current $ spent:     $0.00
Current OP:            0